Vote Chele Farley for a strong and safe America

| 16 Oct 2020 | 01:21

    I’m writing in support of Chele Farley for the U.S. House of Representatives.

    She’s not a career politician, but an engineer, a successful businesswoman and a problem solver.

    Chele is also a mother, philanthropist and a citizen with a desire to make a difference and fight for family first policies.

    I base my support for Chele simply on these truths:

    Sean Maloney has been silent in the face of rioting, is backed by the defund police movement, cosponsored the job killing Green New Deal and supports abortion up to the moment of birth, increasing taxes, unlawful sanctuary cities and Democratic plans for government takeover of health care.

    Chele Farley supports more funding for police, law and order, school choice for poor families, a strong military, energy independence, lower taxes on middle class families, strong borders and sensible immigration policies, the 2nd Amendment, lowering prescription drug prices and the renegotiated pro America trade deals.

    The choice is simple. Vote for a strong and safe America. Vote for Chele Farley for Congress.

    Joe Kisty