The forgotten few

Milford. This poem by Helene Elizabeth Lane was sent to the Courier by her daughter Willa Moats, who writes: “Since her passing on 5/7/20 we retrieved her personal affects from Belle Reve. Amongst her papers was a poem she wrote. I believe it speaks on behalf of seniors on lockdown from Covid. I feel we need to share with others so that her voice is heard as I am quite sure many others feel this way. My hope is that you can publish her attached poem for others to read.”

| 29 May 2020 | 11:15

All is Quiet-calm-serene

Normally, this would be great!

Today, however, after many days of same

None of us at Belle Reve are happy with this fate.

So far, we’ve all cooperated as well as we can do

But it’s getting harder hour by hour

We feel like “the forgotten few.”

Please make some noise, of any kind

To wake us up within

We want to be good, we really do

But “the forgotten few” are in a stew.

We wonder how our families are

Our pets, our friends, our loves

Please speak to us about anything

Any sounds will help us sing

Of happier times, of just being able

To touch/Caress another human being.

March 28, 2020