Springtime in New Jersey during the 2020 pandemic

Hewitt /
| 13 Apr 2020 | 03:45


On the night of three-nineteen

New season arrived

Look up toward the sun

Soak up warmth and squint your eyes

Spring is finally here!

People see the signs

Folks are glad that winter’s o’er

“Snowbirds” can return

Buds are on the branch

Lilac and forsythia

Crocuses pop up

Time for lots more bugs

Tiny black moths, woolly bears

Balls of mating snakes

Not all change seems good

Sometimes there are real bad signs

Nature’s not the same

Fewer birds this year

Not as many bushy squirrels

Came to steal the seeds

Fickle temp’rature

Climate change is evident

Apple trees seem scared

This year one big change

Oh my gosh, it’s terrible

Caught us unprepared

Dangerous “bug” attacked

Three months China fought it hard

Far across the sea

Now folks live in fear

Pandemic has hit our land

Virus Corona!

Can’t believe it’s here

No more gatherings in groups

Folks must stay inside

Take a quiet breath

Muster strength and get prepared

Future uncertain

Yearn for “normal” days

Celebrations, sun, and smiles

Pleasant vernal hikes

Let us mourn for Spring

And for all those folks who’ll die

Virus be long gone!

Mary Loudin