Mike Martucci ‘is running for State Senate for all the right reasons’

| 14 Oct 2020 | 01:52

    I enthusiastically support Mike Martucci for State Senate.

    As a lifelong resident of the area, Mike and his wife Erin are raising their family here and I know he is running for State Senate for all of the right reasons.

    Mike and Erin have a charitable foundation from which they support so many local not-for-profit organizations.

    Mike has also created hundreds of local jobs and brings fresh ideas to Albany at a time they are critically needed.

    Like so many of us, Mike is fighting against the dangerous bail reform laws that his opponent Senator Jen Metzger calls “just and protective.” Each day, there are new stories of spiking drug overdoses and these dangerous new laws that Senator Metzger supports turn drug dealers right back out on the streets.

    The opioid epidemic in our region has been fueled by Senator Jen Metzger’s dangerous policies.

    I will be supporting Mike Martucci for State Senate, and I hope you will consider supporting him as well. He is without question the best person for the job.


    Heidi Carnevali