Mayor Mac: ‘Debbie Matthews ‘is now part of the long and rich history of Tuxedo Park’

| 30 Nov 2020 | 07:40

    Debbie Matthews, the Clerk-Treasurer for the Village of Tuxedo Park, is retiring from her daily activities Friday.

    Thanks to Debbie these last two months of training, Elizabeth Doherty, former Deputy Clerk-Treasurer of Monroe Village, is well prepared to take over as Village Clerk-Treasurer.

    Debbie has served the Village and its residents tirelessly and with dedication and integrity for almost three decades.

    A testament to Debbie’s success is the compliments she received consistently from her coworkers, members of every elected and appointed board, and, most importantly, from Village residents.

    To a person, we have relied on her professionalism, even under the most stringent deadlines. Debbie has contributed significantly to the Village and is now part of the long and rich history of Tuxedo Park.

    Debbie, thank you for your friendship and service to the Village and enjoy your well-deserved retirement.

    Stay safe.

    Thank you,

    Mayor David McFadden

    Village of Tuxedo Park