Highland Mills resident becomes county fiscal efficiency overseer

Alicia D’Amico becomes Orange County’s Director of Operations. She previously worked in the County Executive’s Office from 2014-16

| 05 Apr 2022 | 02:57

Goshen, N.Y. – Alicia D’Amico began her tenure as Orange County’s Director of Operations on Monday, April 4, with responsibilities that include working directly with County Executive Steve Neuhaus and his administration on the County budget, examining all departments for potential cost savings and efficiencies, and reviewing all spending requests.

“Alicia is very familiar with Orange County government and its operations, and is extremely knowledgeable and capable,”Neuhaus said. “I have always been impressed with Alicia’s energy, and she brings a wealth of business experience and innovative ideas to the table.”

D’Amico, a Highland Mills resident, previously served in the County Executive’s Office as Assistant to the County Executive from 2014-16. She then served as Deputy Commissioner of General Services, overseeing several major projects relating to internet technology and procurement of goods and services.

“It is both humbling and exciting to be able to serve the residents of Orange County in this important position.” D’Amico said.