Helicopter candy drop and special effects menorah among Chabad Chanukah events

Orange County. :Chabad of Orange County will host a variety of Chanukah celebrations Monroe and Chester.

| 13 Dec 2022 | 09:09

Chabad of Orange County, headed by Rabbi Pesach and Chana Burston, is offering an array of Chanukah celebrations for all ages across the county. Events are open to all and will include menorah lighting, Chanukah songs, dreidels, latkes, donuts and chocolate “gelt.”

Grand Chanukah Festival with helicopter gelt drop and special effects menorah - Sunday, December 18, 4 p.m.:

Special Effects Menorah Lighting with a laser and light show. Celebration will continue indoors with a photo booth, crafts, latke bar and donuts. New Chabad Center, 94 Gilbert Street in Monroe. Register at www.ChabadOrange.com/geltdrop

Central Valley Menorah Lighting - Monday, December 19, 5:30 p.m.:

Outdoor Menorah Lighting followed by an indoor reception in the party room of Hudson’s Ice Cream. Register at www.ChabadOrange.com/CVlight.

Chester Menorah Lighting -Tuesday, December 20, 5 p.m.:

Festive outdoor Menorah Lighting at the Chester Town Hall, 1786 Kings Highway, Chester. Register at www.ChabadOrange.com/ChesterLight

The Great, Big, Mega, Gigantic, Enormous Latke Sizzle-Wednesday, December 21, 6 p.m.:

For the first time in Orange County, Chabad is offering the Mega Latke Sizzle – where families can peel, grate, mix and fry their own latkes. A latke bar will provide an array of toppings. A stilt-walker will entertain. Chabad Center, 94 Gilbert Street. Register at www.ChabadOrange.com/latke

Tuxedo Menorah Lighting and reception -Thursday, December 22, 6:00 p.m.:

Outdoor Menorah lighting followed by indoor reception. Tuxedo Train Station, 240 Route 17. Register at www.ChabadOrange.com/TuxedoLight.

About Chanukah
Chanukah, the Festival of Lights, begins this year on the evening of Sunday, December 18 and concludes the evening of Monday, December 26. It recalls the victory more than 2100 years ago of a militarily weak Jewish people over the Syrian Greeks. Upon recapturing their temple only one jar of oil was found, enough to burn only one day, but it lasted miraculously for eight. In commemoration, Jews celebrate Chanukah for eight days by lighting an eight-branched candelabrum known as a menorah. The menorah is placed on a window or a doorpost facing the outside, symbolizing hope and religious freedom.
For online Chanukah resources including recipes, videos, guides and more visit www.ChabadOrange.com/mychanukah