Woodbury Republican Committee 2022 endorsed candidates

| 12 Oct 2022 | 11:03

    The election on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, includes important races that will define New York State’s future for years to come. The Republican Party’s philosophy is that all people are created equal with inalienable rights to life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. People, not the government are the best stewards of our exceptional nation. The Woodbury Republican Committee members support candidates with integrity that are committed to these values and will stand up and use common sense to move New York State in the right direction for all New Yorkers.

    The Woodbury Republican Committee is pleased to endorsed the following candidates for the upcoming November 8th election: Colin J. Schmitt, New York’s 18th Congressional District; Lee Zeldin, governor of New York; Alison Esposito, lieutenant governor of New York; Paul Arteta, Orange County sheriff; Dorey Houle, New York State Senate District 42; Kathryn Luciani, New York State Assembly District 99; Brandon Calore, Woodbury Town Council; Susan Ciriello and Victor Ferrarelli for Village of Woodbury Trustees.

    Don Siebold, Chairman

    Woodbury Republican Committee