Where is Maloney?

| 12 Feb 2021 | 01:54

    I am a long term resident of the area. It’s been a while since I’ve fired off a letter-to-the-editor, but I can’t help but keep thinking where is our Congressman Sean Maloney?

    He is nowhere to be found.

    He is not involved with anything in our community. I think his biggest claim to fame is that he is the Congressman. Certainly I can’t think of anything else and, boy, have I tried.

    We have elected officials at all levels, some I do not agree with, but they show up and do their job. We know what they are doing. They are accessible.

    Not Maloney.

    He really has been AWOL for a long time. You only hear his name when he recently attacked local religious residents or when he is on national media pressing his ambition and seeking the limelight.

    It seems like it is time to replace Maloney so we can have a Congressman who does the basics of their job: show up, be in the district, support the community and local residents.


    Chip Murray