What’s in a name?

| 05 Jun 2018 | 04:18

To the Editor:
Governor Cuomo convened lawmakers last year in the 11 hour with the intention of naming the Tappan Zee Bridge after someone who happens to share the same last name. This is the action of a despot. But New Yorkers don’t live under a totalitarian regime, so we can and should exercise the opportunity to change the name back to Tappan Zee.
The history of the Tappan Indians and the Dutch founders of our state are immeasurably more important to preserve than the accomplishments of any politician, Republican, Democrat, or Independent. Aside from the haughtiness by the Governor, keeping the Tappan Zee name would save thousands of tax dollars by eliminating the need to produce and change road signs, maps etc. For this reason, I am encouraging you to call your local State Assembly person (nyassembly.gov/mem/search) and ask them to vote "yes" on bill A8914.
After this bill passes in the Assembly, Governor Cuomo will be forced to decide on whether or not he wants to fulfill the wishes of New Yorkers.
Sheila Kern