'We need experienced leadership to meet the challenges Woodbury'

| 02 Nov 2017 | 02:37

    In a letter printed in last week’s Photo News, Rey Hernandez complained about the town board and about the village planning board and used the occasion to endorse his wife and her running mates.
    The problem is that his complaints are based on erroneous information, for one thing he confuses temporarily unfilled positions with non-existent service cuts.
    More importantly, he seems to think that the planning board operates in a vacuum free from federal, state and local law. If his wife and her slate share his views Woodbury would be vulnerable to crippling fines and unending lawsuits.
    Now is a time when we need experienced leadership to meet the challenges Woodbury faces now and in the future. I urge readers to vote for the Common Sense Party on row I.
    Mayor Michael Queenan
    Village of Woodbury