We are united, Monroe

| 25 Sep 2017 | 02:31

    My family, friends and I support United Monroe and we are United Monroe, too.
    As supporters of United Monroe we don't receive a "membership" card or an affiliation pin; we are simply concerned and informed citizens who all agree that we want what is best for our town and community.
    At this time voting for separation is what is best for our town. Because I wish to continue enjoying our beautiful suburban community, separation must happen now, before the Monroe Town Board and M-W School District can be controlled by those that prefer a much different lifestyle then those of us who have lived here for years.
    As much as we would all like to simply live in harmony together, the past recent years has shown that this is just no longer possible. We need only look to the south of us, in East Ramapo, to see our future if we do not separate now.
    Separation is Monroe's only viable solution to ensure we can control our own destiny.
    KJ is not a new phenomenon. Separation is.
    It is not a silver bullet and my family, friends and I will need to continue to remain vigilant in our efforts to ensure we can live in harmony in our town and community.
    Without separation we will not have that option. We can only accomplish this as a united Town of Monroe.
    Thank you, again, to Emily Convers, Mike Egan, John Allegro and to all the many UM volunteers. And thank you to the legislators who agreed that the citizens of Monroe should have the chance to vote on this critical issue.
    I hope that everyone will attend the upcoming information sessions hosted by the Town of Monroe and that you will form your opinion based on real facts and real data.
    Then, we all need to vote, and I hope you will vote yes for Monroe's future.
    We are united, Monroe.
    Lou Medina