Vote for Dorey Houle

Monroe /
| 08 Oct 2022 | 01:04

    In a recent NYS State Senate Democrat primary, the winner of that race confidently declared that “socialism wins” immediately her opponent conceded defeat. There is absolutely no ambiguity in this statement and unfortunately it reflects a political trend, not only in the Empire State, but across our nation as well. This young candidate, who mind you is running for a very powerful position in Albany, has been endorsed by the “Democrat Socialists of America” as well as Alexander Ocasio-Cortez. This alarming development should be a political awakening for all of us, because she just might win.

    But we here in the 42nd Senate District will not be deciding that race, we’ll be deciding between our own progressive, James Skoufis, and Dorey Houle. Dorey is pro-life, pro-family, pro-second amendment, pro-police and is unequivocally opposed to any program that usurps parental rights in our schools, which we’ve been witnessing across our nation these past few years. So, if you want New York State to continue on its socialistic downhill spiral, then once again vote for James Skoufis, but if you want to see our state move “in the right direction,” then come November, please vote for Dorey Houle for state senator. And while you are at it, pull the lever for Lee Zeldin as well as Colin Schmitt, two more leaders looking to put a stop to this socialistic onslaught.

    Tom Lapolla