Veteran for Jen Metzger

| 20 Sep 2020 | 08:09

    I am an Army veteran who wishes to express my support for Jen Metzger’s re-election to the New York State Senate.

    In her first term of office, Jen Metzger was able to get additional funding for mental health and housing services for veterans in our senate district.

    Specifically, even in the current tight state budget, she was successful in getting bipartisan support to secure first time funding for veteran peer support services in Ulster and Sullivan counties (two areas where veterans have been traditionally underserved) and was instrumental in getting $400,000 to help establish a tiny home community for veterans in need of housing, transportation and employment.

    Finally, we should remember that the month of September is National Suicide Prevention Health month. Sadly, in this country, an average of 22 veterans per day die of suicide.

    In my conversations with Senator Metzger about this growing problem, she displayed great concern and compassion for this growing and neglected mental health issue among our veterans.

    Consequently, Jen Metzger introduced historic new legislation, Senate Bill S6712, that would designate September 22 as “Veterans Suicide Awareness and Remembrance Day.”

    In addition, she is also the prime sponsor of another bill that would adopt the Suicide and Awareness Remembrance Flag as an official state flag that would raise awareness of veteran suicide and honor those who served this country and have fallen victim to this epidemic.

    On November 3, I strongly urge my fellow veterans to vote and re-elect Jen Metzger for State Senator.

    Manolin “Manny” Tirado

    Greenwood Lake