Tyranny or freedom

| 19 Oct 2020 | 11:54

    We can only hope as this election draws near we all recognize that this is not an election between the two candidates running for the Presidency, but a referendum on the United States Constitution itself, the foundational document enshrining the God-given rights that we have cherished since our nation’s founding.

    Take for instance the First Amendment, where the right to worship in both the private and public sphere has been described as “bogus” and as a “pretext for discrimination” by our own Sean Patrick Maloney. Similar comments have been echoed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

    More recently we’ve heard talk about “packing the Supreme Court,” and you can only surmise as to why: In order to politicize the only non-partisan branch of the federal government, with its veiled attempt to legislate laws through the judiciary, specifically laws that will continue to allow the abortion industry to flourish.

    And then in a reckless attempt to reshape our constitutional republic there are those who want to jettison the Electoral College without fully understanding the risks associated with doing so. Simply put, the larger states would eventually politically, by sheer numbers, devour the smaller, less populated states, which could only be described as “national suicide.”

    So, when you vote in November, do not consider either candidate, consider your grandchildren, as well as your great-grandchildren, because it will be them who will have to endure the associated hardships of “tyranny” which are the inevitable consequences of every progressive revolution, if we vote against “freedom.”

    Tom Lapolla