Tuxedo’s election

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| 27 Oct 2023 | 02:41

    I’m a 53-year Tuxedo resident deeply concerned about recent developments. The approval of Tuxedo Farms’ special permit amendments by our town board raises serious issues for our town, school district, and taxpayers.

    Our schools are the bedrock of our community, luring families with quality education and reasonable tax rates. However, Tuxedo Farms’ recent special permit approval, coupled with potential tax hikes, threatens our town’s appeal and applies heavy fiscal pressure on its residents, which could possibly leave new and existing homes vacant. This affects not only Tuxedo School District residents but also our entire community’s prosperity and desirability.

    The “gifted” school site poses challenges due to high site prep costs on rugged terrain with venomous snakes. The DEC won’t allow rock blasting near snake dens. Despite these issues, Related Companies insisted on this parcel, as a school site required by the special permit, to mitigate school impact and a payment of $2.5 million. This won’t begin to cover site development or school construction. The town board’s support of the developer is disheartening.

    A meeting held on October 20, 2022, indicated that the town board would review the school’s concerns about the “gifted” land. The current town board members, including Jay Reichgott and Maria May, who are seeking re-election as supervisor and council person, chose not to consider the school board’s request to withhold approval of the special permit until a suitable resolution for the school site issue, agreeable to the Tuxedo School District, was reached. Instead, they voted in favor of the special permit modifications for Tuxedo Farms and should not be re-elected.

    Prior town boards prioritized the school’s interests during Tuxedo Farms discussions, but the current board’s lack of emphasis on this matter raises concerns and places the entire town of Tuxedo into serious jeopardy.

    A viable solution with Quarry Field exists. Candidates Dave McMillen, Rick Marsh, and Chris Kasker are willing to pursue it, ensuring much lower costs, collaboration with the school board, and taxpayer equity preservation.

    The “new” developer Lennar benefits from a strong school district without tax hikes, but the present costly school site issue risks a tax increase far exceeding $26 million. Tuxedo’s future depends on immediate action.

    It’s time for new town leadership to address these challenges and secure our community’s future.

    Mike Santoianni

    Tuxedo Park