Together, through our voices, we have made Tuxedo Park even better

| 21 Jun 2023 | 01:31

    Dear Neighbors,

    Thank you again for your support on Election Day. I am writing to update you on the events surrounding last night’s counting of the ballots. After the polls closed at 9 p.m., Mr. Sarcone, an attorney representing Mr. Claudio Guazzoni served a temporary restraining order (TRO) on the village prohibiting the counting of the absentee ballots until the judge could determine which absentee ballots were not validly cast.

    It is my position that all absentee ballots, other than those cast by voters who were not registered in Tuxedo Park by the statutory deadline, should be counted as expeditiously as possible. It is my belief that every validly registered Tuxedo Park voter has the right to have their vote counted.

    I am confirming again that Mr. Sarcone does not represent me . I have never spoken or communicated with Mr. Sarcone and I have not provided any facts or opinions to Mr. Sarcone. In fact, I am named in his petition as a respondent/defendant together with Mayor McFadden, the trustees, and the village clerk. I was served with the petition at my home at 10 p.m. last night.

    At the time that the vote counting was halted, the machine count had been tabulated and showed me with a lead of 142 to 109. I am cautiously optimistic that my lead will hold up through the counting of the absentee ballots.

    No matter the final result, I want you to know that I am humbled by support that my campaign has received from our community. You made it quite clear by your many votes that there is a yearning for change in the manner and style of governance at village hall. I campaigned on civility, equality for all, and fairness. This remains my desire, win or lose, for Tuxedo Park. Together, through our voices, we have made Tuxedo Park even better.

    Marc Citrin

    Candidate for Tuxedo Park mayor