'This annexation is clearly on you'

| 17 Sep 2015 | 11:35

    This letter is a response to Supervisor Harley Doles's Sept. 10 letter to the editor:

    Mr. Doles.
    Don't you ever tire of sleight-of-hand?

    During the annexation vote on September 8th, you and your pals on the board tried to shift the spotlight from your approval votes to reckless allegations against the Monroe-Woodbury school district.

    That went badly, so now you're trying to distract by blaming United Monroe, once again with over-the-top distortions.

    Who's next? The PTA?
    I realize you're angry because the people of Monroe stopped you from delivering all 507 acres to KJ's developers as you and the others were elected to do.

    And that you may be on the hot seat with your sponsors for getting "only" 164 acres to them (for now).

    But even they have to admit that they overestimated their - and your - abilities to steam roll the citizens of Monroe and Orange County.

    To further distract, you may now pump up the noise at your circus sideshow town board meetings.

    But don't kid yourself; it is clear to all. This annexation is squarely on you, Mr. Burke, Mr. McQuade, and Mr. Colon.

    Mike Egan
    Resident, Town of Monroe