'The young people ... are speaking for themselves - and for the future of America'

| 29 Mar 2018 | 01:33

The Middletown March for school safety was protested by people who said, "I want my children protected by armed guards."
Most of us would have no objection to armed guards. But that does not resolve the issue of massacres in churches, movie theaters and other public gatherings.
Then there was the speaker who said: "I don't blame anyone for not voting in the last presidential election."
Well, she may not, but I do. Influenced by a billion Russians missives, people who did not vote (to punish Hillary, I suppose) helped to elect President Trump and contributed to the loss of women's rights, the loss of collective bargaining rights and the ripping apart of DACA families - part of the slavery culture, which thought nothing of ripping apart black families.
Conservatives say that these young people are paid actors or have been "hijacked" by liberal policy interests. But they are liars.
The young people of Parkland and Middletown are speaking for themselves - and for the future of America.
Keith Walters