The right decisions for Woodbury

Monroe /
| 16 Oct 2023 | 02:06

    It’s difficult to stay informed on local issues when you commute all week and have barely enough time for family and other responsibilities. That’s why it is so important to have transparency and integrity in local town government. We all pay taxes and would like to think that our elected officials are prudent in spending our tax dollars. They must control expenditures while preserving quality of life and vital services. You also want candidates that listen and understand the issues that affect our community.

    You should seek candidates that adhere to a fiscally responsible budget while investing intelligently in our community. Kate Luciani, Brandon Calore and Teresa Luongo are committed to improving residents’ quality of life by: maintaining a high level of services, controlling spending, and protecting our environment.

    Please join me on election day November 7 in supporting these worthy candidates on row B: Kate Luciani for Woodbury town supervisor, Brandon Calore for Woodbury town council, and Teresa Luongo for Woodbury town council

    Michael Queenan

    Highland Mills