The obvious is the enemy of reality

| 14 Sep 2017 | 02:25

    The vote of the Orange County Legislature to allow the Town of Palm Tree question to be decided by the Monroe community is short-sighted at best. I submit that immediacy is the true enemy of intelligence. As of now, I am unaware of any long-term plan for the Town of Palm Tree's infrastructure, impact upon the environment, cost to county taxpayers and overall impact upon its neighbors throughout Orange County.
    The true elephant in the room is that KJ-Palm Tree is a theocracy which violates our Constitutional separation of church and state. Its school district is a sham perpetrated by vapid lawmakers and accepted by the local community because of practical reasons.
    In reality, this agreement kicks the issue of KJ-Palm Tree whatever the name, down the road. It is a short-term solution for those who think that a 10-year window will allow them to satisfy their justifiable fears and needs.
    I submit that this obvious manipulation of our society is giving into the obvious reality and omitting the key issue: Separation of church and state and its impact upon all of us.
    People can turn a blind eye to this issue but at some point we will have to pay the piper. The surrender by the government of Orange County to pressure, panic, lobbying and a lack of courage only underscores our national malaise. Might to does not equate to right. A vote does not equal Constitutionality. Flaunting the court system does not provide long-tern justice.
    Monroe is part of Orange County. The forces which KJ-Palm Tree have marshaled is an admirable demonstration of political clout. That does not provide justice under the law. At some point the sleeping giant ... the citizens of Orange County - will awake and find that a significant portion of their land, heritage, tax base and ecology has been totally eroded.
    It is too late to stop the vote but it is not too late for the citizens to demand that their Constitutional rights be protected. It is almost laughable to be think that this vote, whether it was held or not, would stop the KJ expansion.
    However, the resolution of having this vote reveals a great deal about how fear, shortsightedness, craven leaders and panic can drive an issue.
    We live in a free society of laws. Its about time that we are governed by people who truly abide and respect that concept.
    Steve Zecher