'The false rhetoric that surrounds us'

| 15 Mar 2018 | 03:47

    As a Village of Monroe resident for 39 years and Planning Board member, I am compelled to correct some fallacies contained in a recent letter to the editor by Veronica Connelly, specifically where she asserts that Jim Purcell caused “unbelievable overdevelopment” with regards to Smith Farm project. Smith Farm began before the Village and Town Planning Boards in 1998. Originally the project proposed 397 homes on the site, was then downsized to 222 homes, and ended up with 181 homes. In addition, 56 of the final 181 homes are aged restricted, 55 and older, which was done to ensure that the village would not be overburdened. Furthermore, only 46 of the 181 total homes are in the Village of Monroe. The rest are in the Town of Monroe.
    This project spent 18 years before the planning boards, painstakingly following the planning process to ensure that this development would be built within the guidelines of municipal laws, zoning laws and within the limits of our municipal resources, no different than the Alexander Smith subdivision of 106 homes where Ms. Connelly lives. To imply that this is “unbelievable overdevelopment” is nothing short of misleading our village residents.
    Her other accusations include that there has been no downtown revitalization (incorrect -as pointed out in Jim Purcell’s recent re-election letter in The Photo News), North Main Street was recently zoned URM (incorrect - North Main was zoned URM multi-family since the ‘80’s and is now SR-10), and the assertion that there have been no positive changes to the village the last 10 years.
    If anyone is going to write a letter for or against anyone running for office, one needs to have the decency to have correct information. Ms. Connelly’s letter is nothing more than an attempt to mislead the Village of Monroe voters with misinformation to aid those affiliated with her political organization. I hope Monroe voters take the time to educate themselves and know the facts before casting their votes and not fall prey to the false rhetoric that surrounds us.
    Gary Parise
    Village of Monroe resident