'The choice is clear'

| 28 Sep 2017 | 06:54

    As a long time resident of Monroe and strong supporter of United Monroe, my family and I fully support Kiryas Joel separating to form their town. The choice is clear.
    If Kiryas Joel remains in Monroe, they will forever control our town board, as well as planning and zoning boards. Control over these boards means high density housing and thousands of people voting in our school board elections.
    The cost of 56 acres in exchange for Kiryas Joel's loss of control over own government's zoning and code enforcement is a small price to pay. How could this not be positive?
    There are some people who have written letters to the editor who are opposed to the separation. I question their motives. Where was the outrage and criticism when the 164 acres was approved?
    United Monroe's motives are clear; good government, a sustainable future and protection of the school district. I encourage everyone to attend the public forums on October 11 and October 18, 7 p.m. at the Monroe movie theater.
    On November 7, vote with facts, not misinformation and emotion.
    Rosemary Knapp