Thanks for a gigantic group effort

| 25 Jul 2022 | 07:08

    To the editor:

    This year, 2022, has by far, brought back so many events and traditions for the Village of Monroe. Following, in some cases, a two year absence of events due to Covid and social distancing, we held our annual “Fourth of July Fireworks Celebration”. Complete with our Summer Concert, featuring the three winners of our “Monroe’s Got Talent “ performing for our guests and then the Mighty Spectrum Band. Tying in to the days events, playing for upwards of over a thousand fans was just an amazing concert, performed by all.

    Following the concert, our fireworks took over the night sky in an incredible display of colorful bursts and booming sounds synchronized with a playlist of patriotic music. The estimated attendance was over seven thousand people. To plan, coordinate and execute this event, our Monroe PD is tasked each year, with the support of our rank and file officers, the Harriman PD, the Woodbury PD and the Monroe Fire District supporting event traffic control and standby fire services, as well as our Monroe Community Ambulance Corp. keeping a vigilant watch and also supporting the residents service calls.

    I want to thank them all for their service to our community, and for their support always. Taking a plan of this magnitude requires a great team of workers, including my DPW staff. The execution of the Village Plan happens when the crews go out, set the stage, lighting, barricades, trash receptacles, barricades, signs, full cleanup.

    After this most amazing community event, our DPW crew comes in at 5am and when they are done you wouldn’t recognize an event even happened. So proud of all our staff throughout all departments that play their part in seeing this come to fruition without a hitch.

    Lastly, and most importantly we are so grateful to the Town of Monroe, The Village of Harriman, Orange and Rockland Utilities, and a special gift from Anthony and Laura Cuomo as a great send-off for their business Laura Ann Farms celebrating fifty years here in Monroe.

    Thank you to Trustee Karl for coordinating all the events, vendors and music coordinator, Peter Dawson, once again showing the commitment to this community.So grateful for the community and this great opportunity to gather and celebrate the birth of our nation.

    All the best,

    Neil Dwyer


    Village of Monroe