Supporting Dwyer

Monroe /
| 09 Mar 2022 | 12:30

    To the Editor:

    My family relocated from the Bronx to Monroe in 1960. I have spent many years living in both the Town and the Village and have observed and personally known and dealt with many officials who have served admirably as Monroe’s Mayor. Our current leader, Neil Dwyer, is no exception and ranks at the top of that list of accomplished public servants.

    I got to know Neil through our common affiliation with Sacred Heart Parish and Burke Catholic High School. Neil always led the way with personal sacrifice and commitment to success regarding his many years of volunteer work for these two organizations. Later, Neil was elected the Mayor of the Village of Monroe and his outstanding level of service continued.

    During Neil’s tenure, he continued the dedication and personal commitment that he has always brought to “the table” and his long list of accomplishments to date is truly outstanding. Most noteworthy among them include his leadership in Village beautification projects as well as his work in procuring many government grants that led to numerous public improvements throughout our Village.

    Additionally, as the Covid pandemic negatively impacted life in general, Neil’s leadership helped to create the downtown outside dining program. This benefited our Village businesses as well as the residents of both the Village and Town during a time that was among the most challenging during my 60 years in Monroe.

    Neil is truly a “Monroe guy” and his commitment to his constituents is second to none. Let’s all of us take the time and go out and vote for Neil Dwyer on Tuesday, March 15 for another term as the Mayor of Monroe—he has truly earned that from us.

    Patrick W. Welsh