Support these candidates

| 12 Oct 2022 | 10:53

    You hear every year that this is the most important election. Well, the truth is every election is important. It’s also important to understand the issues and participate. Just as important, is the character of the candidate you support. You want a dedicated person who understands the issues that affect you and your community. They should be dependable, conscientious, honorable, fiscally responsible, and committed to the community. The candidates should be proactive in protecting our families, maintaining our rights and providing vital services.

    I am supporting the following candidates because they have the character and qualifications needed to serve: Kate Luciani for the NYS Assembly 99th District, Dorey Houle for NYS Senate 42nd District, Paul Arteta for Orange County Sherriff, Brandon Calore for Woodbury Town Council, Victor Ferrarelli and Susan Ciriello for Village Trustees, Colin Schmitt for New York’s 18th Congressional District. Please join me on election day November 8th in supporting these candidates and vote row B Tuesday, November 8th.

    Michael Queenan

    Highland Mills