Support for Rachel Bruce

| 08 Oct 2022 | 01:01

    Very few people can say that they’ve devoted their entire life to serving our community. Rachel Bruce, who is running for town council, is one of those people. Fifteen years ago, during my term as mayor of the Village of Woodbury, I had the opportunity to meet Rachel, who was covering the election for her school newspaper. Even at such a young age, Rachel had a strong love and interest in serving our community and in government. Last week, I again had the pleasure of speaking with Rachel as she embarks to serve our community as councilwoman. From her experience, to her love for our community, to her common sense and bipartisan approach to government, it is very clear that Rachel is the right choice to fill the vacancy on the town board.

    Not only does Rachel have the understanding and dedication to bring people together, she also has the experience and skill to get the job done. I am so excited to see her love and dedication for our community. With so much at stake, Rachel will lead with the future in mind while honoring and appreciating our past. I encourage everyone to cast their ballot for Rachel Bruce on Tuesday, November 8.

    Stephanie Berean-Weeks

    Highland Mills