Sharing the region’s rich history in historical objects attracts large crowds

| 15 May 2024 | 11:26

All we have to say is, wow! The first showing of “Fifty Items that Tell the Story of Southeastern Orange County” was wildly successful, with over 250 in attendance. “History in Orange County is very much alive” according to Woodbury Historical Society president Alex Prizgintas, who recently hosted this event with 10 historical societies. “Our goal was to come together to help define who we are as a community by bringing various artifacts that tell the story of Orange County.” And come together they did! “I was impressed in how we created a chorus of like-minded agencies committed to preserving, presenting, and publishing our history.”

What was more important, according to Alex, was how “we have a shared vision and a dynamic effort that simply stated can get things done.’” No sooner had the event started when Alex shared his plan “towards something bolder and more audacious.” He detailed how the event could work towards a book while raising “the consciousness of others in our respective communities.” He also sees room for more to join.

This first effort together was more of a “trial run” in getting others to invest in a shared vision. This year, we hosted 10 historical societies. Next year, we would hope to see that number double. Eventually, the goal could be a dream of every community in Orange County coming together to celebrate our rich heritage.

Maybe “something bolder and more audacious” is what we all need. In all, thank you to all of the organizations who participated as well as all of our members and friends who made [the day] such a success. Stay tuned for our next event, New York State Pollinators: The Buzz about Local Plants scheduled for Sunday, May 19 at 2 p.m. at the Woodbury Community Center, Earl Reservoir, Highland Mills, NY.

Woodbury Historical Society