Reconsidering Colin Schmitt

Monroe /
| 29 Aug 2022 | 12:55

    To the editor:

    A recent submission to this publication offered a skewed opinion on the Republican candidate for the 18th Congressional District, Colin Schmitt. His exaggerated claim that as a “Trump booster” Colin “gave a pep rally to 2020 election deniers” is misleading. What Mr. Schmitt did in actuality was simply inspire a group of local citizens, who yes may have had legitimate doubts about the 2020 election, before they journeyed to our nation’s capital to exercise their constitutional right to peaceably assemble. Now I am not denying that some of the events of that day will remain a stain on our nation’s history, but to subtly suggest that Colin Schmitt was to some degree responsible for that day’s event is disingenuous to say the least.

    He also suggests that Mr. Schmitt “opposes a woman’s right to choose”, so okay Colin Schmitt is pro-life, but may I suggest that Mr. Schmitt is actually defending a woman’s “right to choose”. If offered the opportunity, I’m quite sure the young baby in her mother’s womb – who just may happen to be a “woman”, would unequivocally “choose to live”. And this is not to say that Mr. Schmitt is imposing “his religious beliefs upon others”, absolutely not, it is Mr. Schmitt “following the science” if you will - as medical advancements continue to irrefutably identify that life begins at conception - and then having the political and moral courage to defend life.

    So, come November, I encourage all those who live in the 18th Congressional District to support and vote for Colin Schmitt, otherwise we’ll be sending someone to Congress who will continue to support the progressive agenda lead by “AOC and The Squad”, which if you haven’t already noticed, is quickly tearing down our Republic.

    Tom Lapolla