‘Re-elect Gomez and Giacomazza and keep Woodbury moving forward’

| 19 Oct 2020 | 11:32

    My last year as Mayor of the Village of Woodbury, I served with Jesus Gomez and Andrew Giacomazza two newly elected trustees. Immediately, I was impressed with their enthusiasm and energy in their effort to deliver on their campaign promises.

    They both were community minded and passionate about serving the residents of Woodbury. They had no personal agendas, but to make Woodbury the best community in Orange County.

    Jesus and Andrew have been proactive in making the Village Government more accessible and transparent to the people of Woodbury: Increased office hours for meeting residents; changed meeting times to accommodate more residents; added second public comment at start of Village Board meetings; and Zoom meetings during pandemic.

    They also passed local laws and established committees to protect our resources and environment. This includes, but not limited to, a Water Quality Protection Act and Comprehensive Plan Review Committee.

    Leaving office, I was confident that Woodbury was in good hands. On November 3rd, you have a clear choice on what is best for Woodbury. Re-elect Gomez and Giacomazza and keep Woodbury moving forward.

    Michael Queenan

    Highland Mills