‘Re-elect Giacomazza and Gomez to keep Woodbury moving forward’

| 12 Oct 2020 | 03:13

    Rarely is a village fortunate enough to have a resident step up to the plate, run for trustee, win and then follow through on their promises. In the Village of Woodbury’s case, we have struck gold twice in the election of Andrew Giacomazza and Jesus Gomez.

    Two years ago, these two devoted family men and novices to public office wanted to make a difference for our community. It didn’t matter that they both had full-time jobs, Andrew, the owner and operator of Kenny Building Services, and Jesus, a M-W Safety Officer after retiring from the NYPD, nor that both were already giving back with their involvement in various community organizations, for they were committed to being part of a positive change for Woodbury.

    Winning their seats in 2018, they hit the ground running and never looked back. In fulfilling their campaign pledges they helped create and pass local laws that truly enhance our quality of life and ensure a safer, cleaner environment for future generations.

    Even better, they have encouraged residents to take an active role in their governance through complete transparency and public participation at every Village Board meeting.

    Come November 3rd, please help re-elect Giacomazza and Gomez to keep Woodbury moving forward.


    Sandy Capriglione

    Highland Mills