‘Our votes didn’t count’

| 24 Sep 2020 | 01:11

    We voted in the Primary on 6/23 and mailed in our ballots with envelopes provided by the Board of Elections at the post office.

    Later on I called the Orange County Board of Elections and asked if they received my ballot.

    After being told to call back in a few weeks, I called again to be informed that neither my wife’s nor my ballot had been received.

    Thus our votes didn’t count.

    I agree that you wear a mask to go to the store so you should be able to vote under the same conditions.

    And there will be drop boxes available on election day to take mail in ballots.

    But I would be very curious to know if any one else has had the same experience.

    Everyone reading this should call the Orange County Board of Elections to find out if their ballots were received if they voted in their primaries.

    In any case everyone eligible must vote on 11/3.

    Alan S. Fernandez

    Village of Florida