More plastic than fish in the oceans in 20 years

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| 19 Apr 2021 | 02:32

There are an estimated 5.25 trillion – yes that’s with a “T” – pieces of plastic waste in our oceans.

At this rate there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans in 20 years. Experts estimate that every American eats a credit card size of plastic every week.

Experts describe “wish cycling” as the placing of items in recycling that are not marked for recycling. This makes it more difficult to recycle the truly recyclable eligible items.

Only nine percent of all plastics are truly reused. Much of the rest ends up in landfills or in bodies of water, in part, because most companies prefer the higher quality of virgin plastic.

Petroleum companies are pushing for higher plastic use to offset the decline in gasoline-fueled vehicles. They want us to believe that plastic is a problem that can be solved by proper waste disposal.

This is not true.

We need to reduce our use of plastics

We can all help be part of the solution by reducing our use of plastic and by recycling more effectively.

Here are two easy ways that everyone can reduce plastic in the environment:

Refuse single-use items from restaurants; and

Make sure that everything you put in your recycling bin is truly recyclable.

If you want more ideas check out these Treehugger suggestions at: .

Let’s work together to reduce the toll plastic is taking on our environment.

Diane Rowe