Lorraine Loening 'will always do the right thing and be there for you the taxpayer'

| 30 Oct 2019 | 11:46

    At heart, Lorraine Loening is a free thinker. She has always been independent of authority and always ask's questions when need be.

    I have known Lorraine for 15 years and I have to say that you can like her or dislike her but she will always do the right thing and be there for you the taxpayer.

    The majority of the Town Board of Monroe is made up of men and we could use more diversity which would be a true reflection of our community.

    Lorraine, who is a Village of Monroe resident, would be a true voice for those constituents that reside in the village.When decisons that would need to be made at the Town Board which could have a major impact on the village she would be there to represent. She will always fight for the villag'es best interest's

    Lorraine and I have spoke in depth about the potential financial impact of the expansion of Orange County Sewer District #1. We both feel that it has fallen on deaf ears from our elected officials on the town, village and county level and Lorraine will fight to make sure that we here in Monroe have a voice in the final decision.

    Lorraine is a true fighter and if elected as your Town of Monroe Councilwomen you will have a true representation of being treated equally and fairly. You not be disappointed.

    I have the utmost respect for Lorraine and fully support her in becoming a new Town of Monroe Councilwoman.


    James C Purcell

    Former Mayor of the Village of Monroe