Lorraine Loening seeks your vote in her candidacy for Monroe Town Board

Monroe /
| 27 Aug 2019 | 11:49

    My name is Lorraine Loening and I am announcing my candidacy for Councilperson on the Monroe Town Board. I am a 28-year resident of Monroe and for the past dozen years I have been an engaged and active citizen.

    I frequently attend Town Board, Village Trustee and School Board meetings.

    I listen attentively, take notes and look and listen for ways to make our community better.

    Often, I take the podium and ask thoughtful questions, or offer well-researched suggestions or commentary.

    Sometimes, if I don’t feel questions are answered to my satisfaction, I submit FOI requests to get those answers. I am fearless and unrelenting. I ask tough questions of board members, regardless of their party affiliation, if they are friends of mine, or even if I am employed by that board.

    After all these impactful years from the public’s side, now that my youngest son is off to college, I will have more time to make that impact from the governing side of the table.

    Too many times I have witnessed a discourteous board be dismissive, and easily offended when policies are questioned or challenged. The current board has improved this behavior from previous boards, but still occasionally has problems with this.

    If you elect me, I vow to be respectful to all who come to be heard.

    I will approach all decisions with humility rather than hubris. I do not know everything, but I can assemble a team with the appropriate level of expertise and interest in a project.

    When all stakeholders are invited to the table, we can achieve better outcomes.

    My work ethic is second to none and I am professionally known for getting things done.

    The issues staring the Town of Monroe, and in fact our region, are big and are going to require hard work:

    Sewer District #1 is nearing capacity and traffic frequently ties this town into knots.

    The enrollment of the school district will decline as more and more families that move here send their children to private schools.

    These and many other issues are at critical points, where bold action is required. We cannot operate in a bubble — solving problems will require working with other boards, municipalities and levels of government.

    I’ll be that person who can get everyone working together.

    Being a good citizen is hard work. Attending meetings and staying up to date with changes to codes and policies is part of that hard work. For years I have been doing it. Too often, I have seen people run for or be appointed to offices when I have never seen them at a meeting. I have a proven commitment to attending meetings and asking tough questions.

    Over the next two months I look forward to meeting as many of you as I can to discuss these issues and other issues that are important to you.

    I am asking you to vote for me on November 5th. I will work hard for you as your Town Councilwoman.

    Lorraine Loening