Lorraine Loening seeks your vote in her bid for Monroe Village Board

| 24 Feb 2020 | 06:38

    My name is Lorraine Loening and I am running for Trustee on the Monroe Village Board.

    I am a 28-year resident of Monroe and for the past dozen years I have been an engaged and active citizen. I frequently attend Town Board, Village Trustee and School Board meetings.

    I listen attentively, take notes and look and listen for ways to make our community better.

    Often, I take the podium and ask thoughtful questions, or offer well-researched suggestions or commentary.

    After all these impactful years from the public’s side, now that my youngest son is off to college, I will have more time to make that impact from the governing side of the table.

    I am very interested in seeing the second exit from the YMCA put into place. This was approved by all of the appropriate agencies yet is stalled by the current village board. This egress will be of even greater import once the 208 Business Center is opened for business.

    Orange County Sewer District #1 is a ticking time bomb. It is not a matter of if it will reach capacity, it is when. The replacement or expansion of that plant will be an incredible expense borne by the residents in that sewer district.

    We will all be asked to pay for this while the developers in Monroe and the surrounding areas build, line their pockets and then walk away, leaving current residents holding the bag.

    I would like to see a fee per unit applied to all development, similar to the parkland fee that is collected from new building. This money could be held until needed for the new or expanded wastewater plant.

    This is certainly bigger than just a village of Monroe problem, but I never hear anyone talk about it – not from the town, county or state. I will be a constant thorn in the side of these officials, until a solution can be found that will protect the current residents in the sewer district from astronomical costs.

    Speaking of development, I am closely watching the Town of Monroe and their new floating cluster zone. These floating zones can only be built near the edge of villages, and must have access to central water and sewer.

    You know my concern about the sewer impact, and future water use will need to be reviewed carefully. In addition to the resource drain, I am also concerned about the increase in village traffic that these developments will lead to.

    The Village Board will need to be an interested party in any future projects planned along the border of our community.

    Additionally, I will do everything I can to see that village streets are clear of garbage and debris, and all village laws are applied evenly to all of our residents.

    Being a good citizen is hard work. Attending meetings and staying up to date with changes to codes and policies is part of that hard work. For years I have been doing the hard work.

    Over the next few weeks I look forward to meeting many of you to discuss these issues and find out what is important to you.

    Election Day is Wednesday, March 18. I am asking you to vote for me on Row A. I will work hard for you as your Village Trustee.

    Lorraine Loening