'Look for the helpers'

| 28 Sep 2017 | 06:54

    Tom LaPolla is way off. Again.
    I don't know what motivates people to do and say what they do sometimes. It's baffling.
    Tom LaPolla, in various letters to the editor over the past few years, has managed to associate United Monroe with the abortion issue, national political debates, and most recently made baseless accusations of being mean to Harley Doles on social media. Unbelievable.
    Enough, Tom. Enough of your convoluted theories and irrational conclusions.
    United Monroe is a non-partisan organization made up of people from all political persuasions, who have come together to form our very own bloc vote for representation in Monroe. We never talk about national issues. That would be divisive, and we want to stay united for our common cause. On the local level, it doesn't matter what party you affiliate with. We all want the same things locally: good government, low taxes, transparency and a sustainable future.
    United Monroe has an executive committee of fourteen volunteer citizens. We have a strict code of conduct for our leaders, and adhere to a policy of no name calling, and sticking to the facts. This is how United Monroe operates, and always has. We do not tolerate less on our social media platforms which are strictly monitored. For Tom Lapolla to suggest otherwise in his letter is absurd, and it may be that he is writing letters based on what Harley Doles is telling him, rather than his own observations.
    The volunteers of United Monroe, over the past four years, have moved mountains in this community. We did what the naysayers said couldn't be done. We defeated the 507 acre annexation. We created our own bloc vote for fair representation in government. We protected the school district. We negotiated separating from Kiryas Joel with only 56 acres as opposed to 382.
    There are always complainers. There are always critics. Fred Rogers said, "Look for the helpers."
    There are always helpers.
    United Monroe has helped this town in immeasurable ways.
    I'm so proud of our organization, and I will stand up for it each and every time.
    I hope that we break records this November 7th and that even more than the 6,000 voters come out to the polls to vote for the United Monroe candidates, Tony Cardone, Mary Bingham and Audra Schwartz. And I am confident that most of you will join me in voting "yes" to peacefully separate from Kiryas Joel because it's the only thing that makes any sense at all.
    Thank you again for your continued support. And remember, people have opinions. Not all of them make any sense.
    Emily Convers
    Chairwoman, United Monroe