Local resident wants easily accessible wellness options

| 10 May 2024 | 02:27

“The seizures started when I was an infant, stopped and then at 10 they started again... In my adulthood, cannabis helps me with sensory overload, something that can cause a seizure,” - Ruby Tartanian.

Ruby Tartanian is a 34 year old resident of Chester, NY. She is an artist and local who is under 24-hour care due to her disabilities. Ruby was born with a genetic mutation that caused her pancreas to overproduce insulin. At just 22 hours old, CHOP Children’s Hospital conducted a surgery that removed 97% of her pancreas. The complications from the surgery caused her to die. Ruby experienced brain damage from lack of oxygen after the doctors brought her back. Since early childhood she battled many side effects of the brain damage. She had on average 15 seizures a month up until 2023.

“Not having to go to the next town would be great!”

Ruby was first introduced to natural and holistic trials in her youth. Eventually she had to get a combination regiment with natural and medical options for healing. Last year Ruby had brain surgery twice. A RNS was placed into her brain and the VNS (vagus nerve stimulator) removed from her brain. There are many stimulants that induce Ruby’s seizures like stress and overstimulation. Ruby struggles with ADS symptoms. She has Type 3c diabetes. All of these ailments make it difficult for her to keep her epileptic seizures under control. The combination of cannabis and brain surgery helped reduce her seizures to one to two a week. Her doctors and specialists are all aware of her cannabis use and encourage her to continue. Her disabilities make it very difficult for her to get around. Since she doesn’t drive it is a hassle traveling to the next town over for cannabis products.

Ruby’s disabilities have never stopped her from striving towards a high quality of life. Her entrepreneurial spirit motivated her to create Ruby Color. After getting her associate’s degree in liberal arts, she began creating colorful works of art that are available for purchase online. She strives to empower women. Her work brings awareness. One a person has a disability they are often marginalized in business, education and the arts. Ruby has a story of perseverance and success despite all odds. One of her many goals is to help educate people about her positive cannabis experience.

Airen Williams

(Chester by way of Ruby Tartanian)