'Let's keep a good thing going'

| 19 Oct 2017 | 02:51

    My fellow Woodbury residents:
    I am encouraging you to join me in voting to re-elect David Sutz for Town of Woodbury Supervisor along with his running mates Robert Hunter and Sandra Capriglione.
    I have known David and his wife Maria for many years. They are a wonderful, compassionate and sincere couple who always go above and beyond for others. It is easy to judge them by their works.
    David is a successful businessman while simultaneously caring for others by riding in our volunteer local ambulance corp. He has coached soccer, little league, basketball and VIP challenger leagues while his children were growing up in our town.
    He is equally balanced and talented when it comes to leading others as well as learning from others. David has always demonstrated the ability to keep an open mind. I have never known him to brag about his accomplishments. They are many as anyone can see over the past two years in his current position.
    Let’s keep a good thing going.
    I am voting for David Sutz, Robert Hunter and Sandra Capriglione as they are the ticket that stands for the Common Sense Woodbury needs.
    Rick Hoss