Ken English: Tuxedo voters, you have a choice

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| 31 Oct 2019 | 01:49

    Esteemed Tuxedo residents:

    My name is Ken English. I serve on the Tuxedo Town Board and am seeking your support in my run for Town Supervisor. I’ve mailed you information about what I stand for and the qualities and experience that I bring. I’ve laid out what I am committed to, fiscal responsibility, management skills, team building, environmental leadership, and a desire to engage residents in local government.

    Check out my ad in this week’s Photo News!

    Search the Opinion page for my name and see what I’ve written over the years. (Both as Ken English and Kenneth English).

    Most important to me, I’m running to try to bring civility and a respectful atmosphere back to our local government. Without it no collective vision can be assembled.

    Local government is about keeping our town an affordable, beautiful place to raise a family, grow a business, socialize with neighbors, and be part of a friendly community.

    That’s not what’s happening now.

    You probably got a card in the mail that said it was from Democrats for Mike Rost. It’s states some ridiculous lies about me.

    That I’m politically extreme. I’m not even sure what that means!

    That I’m a socialist! Tuxedo doesn’t have any programs that could possibly be considered socialist.

    That I’m about dividing our town.

    I’m President of the Northern Tuxedo Residents Association, with a goal of bringing people together to better Tuxedo.

    I’ve been leading a study circle in the Tuxedo Library to encourage people to learn how to get involved in local government.

    It says I’ll raise taxes. I’m 63, looking to retire and STAY in Tuxedo. I can’t afford higher taxes.

    That I have no managerial skills. I’ve built a program for the NY Public Library that grew from a team of 15 to over 120, managing a budget of $6,000,000, always leaving a surplus.

    Personally, I’ve built a good life with my wife Lynn by carefully watching our spending and savings. That’s what I’ll do for Tuxedo.

    I put in long hours as a Councilperson because I love this town.

    Read their card. Decide for yourself. Is this meant to bring us together? Do they identify who they are? They list their address as “The Buss Shelter on Rt. 17."

    I pledge to work together with whoever the voters select. But you have a choice. I’m running with Michele Lindsay and Maria May, two very smart, strong women who are committed to public service and fair play. If you’ve ever come to Town Hall then you know Michele is a person of integrity and intelligence. Maria wants to join the team. You have a choice.


    Ken English