'Keep Jim Purcell our mayor'

| 15 Mar 2018 | 03:48

    As election day approaches fast, I'd like to share my personal experiences and thoughts on Mr. Jim Purcell.
    I first met Jim a few years back after the village decided that the jet in the airplane park was going to be removed. I went in ready for the fight of my life to change their minds.
    I was expecting to be dealing with your typical selfish politician type. It became apparent very quickly that Mr. Purcell was not at all that type of person. He was on board with saving our jet just as much as we were the moment he learned it was so important to us all.
    He worked right along side us to make it happen.
    Mayor is not just a job for this man. He truly cares for Monroe's future as well as preserving the originality and special things that has kept so many of our hearts and homes here.
    I'd also like to share that Jim Purcell again recently went beyond what your average mayor would do for the people he serves and cares about. This past December I asked Jim if he would officiate my marriage. It was short notice and right after Christmas. I wanted it done at my home.
    Unfortunately being my home is in the town, Jim could not legally marry us there. Jim offered to marry us at the village hall and then later that afternoon come to our home and do the ceremony again so our friends and family could be part of it as we originally wished.
    Between meeting with us the week prior to talk about vows, his personal research because it was his first time officiating a wedding, marrying us at village hall and then coming to our home to do it again, it was very time consuming for him, I'm sure. He was so happy to do it all though and flat out refused any payment even.
    It's not often we meet people with the sincerity and drive our mayor has. We are very lucky to have him as our mayor and hope when you all go out to vote in the up coming election that you make the only right decision and vote to keep mayor Jim Purcell our mayor.
    Keri Nygren