Just. Like. That.

| 02 Nov 2017 | 02:37

    This in response to “What’s the Rush” written by Russ Ferdico in last week’s Photo News. Frankly, I don’t understand his question.
    To me, it was a “rush” for the then Monroe Town Board to haphazardly purchase the Monroe Movie Theatre without carefully considering the costs that would affect the Monroe taxpayers.
    It was a “rush” for the then Monroe Town Board to impulsively spend Monroe taxpayer’s money to purchase impractical swan and duck paddle boats (instead of purchasing kayaks, rowboats and typical paddle boats) before taking into account not only expense, but lending a more aesthetic approach to a true country vs. carnival lake experience.
    It is important to note that Mr. Ferdico considers us compulsory bloc voters and “sheep” (an insult to all Monroe residents at best), when in fact, we have all independently voiced our support for United Monroe, regardless of political party, without any pressure or coercion from anyone.
    It was surely a “rush” for the then Monroe Town Board to quickly hand over 164 acres to the Village of Kiryas Joel ... even after they hired an independent planning firm who advised the Board to vote no on the annexation. Just. Like. That.
    Lastly and most importantly, this isn’t rushed. KJ filed a petition to annex in 2013. This fight has been going on for four years.
    Susan and David Pendergast