Jesus Gomez: ‘A public servant, not a politician’

| 03 Oct 2020 | 03:59

    I am supporting Jesus Gomez for re-election as trustee for the Woodbury Village Board.

    Jesus is a man of character. Faith, family and community are qualities he embraces.

    He takes the time to listen to the residents.

    Trustee Gomez considers himself a public servant, not a politician.

    Trustee Gomez looks to the future as evidenced by his support and approval of upgrading the lighting system along Route 32 to LED to conserve energy and save money.

    He supports working with county officials to ensure that the Village of Woodbury continues to get their fair share of the sewer capacity.

    He voted to approve the Hotel Overlay as well as the Water Protection Overlay Districts.

    Further, he supports the creation of a Comprehensive Plan as well as the Land Preservation Committees.

    Trustee Gomez is a man of integrity and conviction, as evidenced by a “no” vote to settle the Town/Village lawsuit. He felt strongly that the language in the settlement be crystal clear. He did so to ensure that the residents would not face another lawsuit in the future regarding these properties. He cares deeply about the Village of Woodbury’s future.

    Please join me in re-electing Trustee Gomez to the Village Board.

    Robin Crouse

    Woodbury resident