Irony and true courage

Monroe /
| 26 Aug 2019 | 12:28

    I find it very ironic that a recent letter writer characterized our young State Senator James Skoufis as a man “that protects our children” and who “continues to stand up to those that would put all our kids at risk.”

    Isn’t this the same James Skoufis who supported a law that was recently enacted which allows the extermination of a child in their mother’s womb up to the ninth month of pregnancy.

    Courage is not an attribute I would ascribe to any man who supports this atrocity.

    A person of courage defends the unborn child with the same zeal as they would defend and care for all those who have been blessed with the opportunity to have been born.

    Let us hope that in the near future Mr. Skoufis recognizes that abortion is the destruction of the child in their mother’s womb and that in order to end this barbaric practice we will need to send brave men and women to Albany who will have the courage to protect all life, from conception to natural death.

    Tom Lapolla