‘If we destroy America ...’

| 20 Jul 2020 | 11:29

    After reading last week’s newspaper, I was saddened for the good people of Warwick, who have been made to feel like racists in their own lovely town, a town that welcomes people of any race who move there for good schools and open space.

    My kids and several grand kids went to Warwick schools and classes were mixed. I never heard of racial trouble, police brutality or coded micro-aggressions. The worst issue we had was the uproar about “Lunch with Santa,” a tradition at Kings Elementary being a non-inclusive church/state problem, though all were welcome.

    Santa was cancelled, but resentment lingered.

    Why is it so easy to convince good people they are bad? That they are guilty of things they never did. That it’s wrong to support firefighters and police, wrong to respect the flag or kneel to God? That they must accept collective blame for societal wrongs, because they are white? Sorry, but that’s racism based on skin color and not, as MLK Jr. said, “the content of their character.”

    If we destroy America, “this shining City on a Hill,” the most diverse, successful and free country in history, there will never be another like it, not ever.

    Deborah C. Diltz