I’m running to end this horrendous reign in Monroe

Monroe /
| 05 Jul 2023 | 06:27

    To the Editor:

    I am a registered Republican. I am an independent thinker. Our Republican base has failed Monroe!

    I believe in Monroe and its future. Our organization has invested millions of dollars in Monroe at my request. I not only talk the talk, I walk the walk.

    While so many agree with me on things I have done, I respect those who do not agree with me on certain things. This is called a democracy.

    So many people have requested through social media and personally for me to run for office. So many small businesses have told me they are very unhappy with the state of our economy and our environment around us. It’s time for a political change. It’s time to put Monroe first, not special interests.

    I have been advised that Democrats and Republicans alike want me to stay out of the race in November 2023. Not one Republican candidate running for office in this primary today has invested nearly $10 million into our community. Not one of these Republican candidates has taken the steps to preserve Monroe the way our organization has. We put our money where our mouth is.

    We have promoted so many things that are important to Monroe: Rest Haven & Pinecrest Bungalow Colony, with more to come. The biggest thing we have promoted is preservation and tradition. We not only support small businesses and not-for-profit organizations, we support legislation that protects our community from overdevelopment and reject violations of our housing rights and unconstitutional laws restricting our right to earn income. I put my money where my mouth is.

    It is with great pleasure that I have put together an exploratory committee. Over the summer this committee will review options to provide me the power to make decisions and recommendations should I run for office. This committee will determine whether I will run for office as an independent and/or as a write-in candidate.

    In the end, I will provide our community with the option of rejecting the Republican candidates, ending the horrendous reign of Cardone and company.

    Protect and serve Monroe!

    Tim Mitts