‘I am ashamed that you represent me’

Goshen /
| 10 Aug 2021 | 02:21

    Dear editor:

    In response to a recent article in the Chronicle I sent the following note to Assemblyman Schmitt. Perhaps you will find it if sufficient general interest to include as a letter to the editor.

    Dear Mr. Schmitt:

    I was disturbed to read of your sponsorship of a bill opposing Critical Race Theory in our school curricula.

    Your attempt to prevent students from learning the facts of American history (and cultivating true American heroes like abolitionists and civil rights leaders) is nothing short of racist itself.

    As a white retired teacher I know how little history students are commonly familiar with. Your efforts can only make the problem worse.

    Since the bill cannot possibly pass, it is clear that your action is nothing but grandstanding, hoping to attract votes from those who, like you, support white supremacy.

    I am ashamed that you represent me in the Assembly.

    William Seaton