Hughes Energy project

Goshen /
| 21 May 2024 | 01:28

    The Goshen Town Board is set to consider a proposal for Hughes Energy. Recently, I went to an Environmental Review Board meeting and it was said that the Orange County dump does not have a liner, which apparently is required for dumps.

    How can you put anything there if there is no liner under the ground? The Al Turi landfill only has a partial liner. These landfills should stay closed, especially with the proximity to the Wallkill.

    Another consideration is Hughes Energy has a smoke stacks. Exactly what is coming out of those smoke stacks? It’s never just steam. There are too many unknown variables regarding this business and there is too much residential starting less than 1/2 mile from those dump sites.

    We need to be very careful allowing this business into Goshen. Many people in the early 1980s, including my mother, worked very hard to shut Al Turi Landfill down for a reason...

    Say “no” to this proposal for this business, say no changes to the local law to allow this business and attend the public hearing June 6! Location to be posted in the Goshen FB groups.

    June Evers