Giacomazza and Gomez ‘have earned’ re-election to the Woodbury Village Board

| 04 Oct 2020 | 05:59

    Andrew Giacomazza and Jesus Gomez are current Trustees on the Woodbury Village Board. They should be re-elected on what they have accomplished in their first term.

    They are polar opposites: Andrew is the outgoing, wise-cracking businessman, while Jesus is quiet, thoughtful and embodies the spirit of our community.

    What they have in common is love of family, love of Woodbury and community volunteerism (Knights of Columbus, Lion’s Club, Woodbury Community Association, PTA). They have taken an acute interest in children with special needs.

    They have continued to approve improvements to the infrastructure.

    Worked to see that all street lights in the village have been converted to high efficiency LED lighting.

    Continued representation on the Executive Board of the Moodna Creek Watershed Intermunicipal Council.

    Passed a Hotel Overlay District Local Law.

    Passed a Water Protection Overlay Local Law.

    They appointed Comprehensive Plan and Land Preservation Committees.

    Andrew and Jesus will continue to foster smart growth and adjust the Comprehensive Plan and zoning laws to meet the changing needs of our community.

    I encourage residents of all political parties to re-elect Andrew Giacomazza and Jesus Gomez to the Woodbury Village Board. They have earned it.


    Neil Crouse

    Woodbury resident