Former town clerk endorses Valerie Bitzer

| 19 Oct 2021 | 04:19

    Residents of Town of Monroe, Village of Monroe, Village of Harriman as the former Town Clerk for Monroe I ask that you choose experience and knowledge when casting your vote for the position of Town Clerk make it your top priority. Valerie served as Deputy Clerk for 4 years gaining her experience and knowledge of the Town Clerks position. In September after my retirement the Monroe Town Board did that by unanimously appointing her Town Clerk. That alone speaks volumes of her credentials and why I can assure you that Valerie Bitzer has the experience, knowledge and personality to continue to bring you the service you deserve as your Town Clerk. You supported me for 19 years I ask that you put your support behind Valerie Bitzer the right choice the only choice for your Town Clerk. Vote for Valerie Bitzer at early voting Oct 23 – Oct 31 or on Election Day on Nov. 2.

    Mary Ellen Beams

    Former Monroe Town Clerk